Instructions for use Alkozeron

Alkozeron - the general characteristics and the information about the product

The form of the output:



10 pieces/pack.


treatment for alcoholism

Capsules Alkozeron it is a tool of action for the treatment of alcoholism. Is designed for men and for women. The use of safely for human health. It is permissible to use without a doctor's prescription, on an outpatient basis.

One of the benefits of the capsules - the natural composition. Active ingredients (extracts): the root of kudzu, milk thistle, cornflower, thyme, st. john's wort.

The tool has passed the research and clinical trials. The overall results showed that capsules Alkozeron are equally effective, regardless of their sex, race, and age.

Pay attention to it. Buy capsules original Alkozeron in italy is possible only through the official website of the manufacturer. Beware of counterfeits.

Remedy for the treatment of alcoholism - indications for the use of Alkozeron:

  • you find it difficult to relax without alcohol
  • never waiver to the proposal of drink
  • drink in small doses, but every day
  • is in a state of discomfort
  • you cannot sleep until you do not drink.

Alcohol dependence can be the initial stage of the that still not visible outwardly, the signs or be running and chronic. In each case, the reception of this tool is to be effective. Statistics from around the world, reports that in the area of risk of every three people aged 21 to 45 years. First, the alcohol is imperceptible enters life under the pretext. This can be - chronic fatigue, farewell with the wife or the husband, more easy and more quick way to relax, have fun... But every day the desire to just take is amplified, and the consumption of alcohol each time with more frequency, and more.

!!If You or someone in Your family drinks every day or are addicted to that at the end of each week to perform exclusively with the consumption of large amounts of alcohol, do not you can reject the offer or the own desire of drinking, it may disappear in two or three days, or even longer binging, drink so much that the next day not remember what happened on the eve of... these are all signs of alcohol addiction, which requires treatment.

Instructions how to use Alkozeron - dosing, contraindications

how to take the remedy for the treatment of alcoholism Alkozeron

Use a tool very simple, just take the capsule with a glass of water (50-150 ml). The daily dose in the treatment of the - two of the capsule. One capsule in the morning and at night, in the term of 7-30 days. The course of implementation depends on the degree of severity of the alcohol addiction.

The use of capsules Alkozeron it allows you to prevent after completion of the therapy. The dosage is of one capsule per day, the duration of three months. It is possible the repetition of preventive maintenance of the course after 30 days of rest.

Contraindications none. With the exception of the intolerance individual of one of the components, pregnancy and lactation. The reception of the capsules, in coordination with the doctor if you have acute or temporary severe chronic disease.